The Present And Future.

I’m not really someone who likes to blog but I just want to type here since I’ve so much uncertainties that I couldn’t possibly list everything down on Twitter.  I stopped blogging about my Korea trip because I’m really lazy and it’s really time consuming when I’ve other things to do.  Anyway lot’s of events have happened since I last blogged.

I had my graduation ceremony and gotten my diploma officially.  And also, I gotten an acceptance offer to study BSc in Hotel Administration in UNLV Singapore. I feel that I’m really lucky because I thought I wouldn’t be receiving an offer since I think that I did badly during my interview compared to the guys who had the interview as me in the room. Besides that, I knew that my GPA is not fantastic though it’s  above average. My diploma isn’t relevant to Hotel Administration at all, so I’m paranoid that I’ll not be given this chance to pursue my real interest.   I’m really grateful that I’m given this chance.

So what’s the real reason I wanted to pursue a BSc in Hotel Administration? I’ve a long story for this.  Firstly, I’ve always been interested to pursue a job in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.   One of the interview question I was asked was why I didn’t chose a relevant diploma back then. Well, again my O Level results isn’t fantastic enough to choose such a popular course, and hence I could only choose diplomas that I’m qualified to.  Engineering is not my cup of tea  at all because I’m weak in Mathematics and Science.   IT is  a male predominant  course too, but I’ve a slight interest in Web Design and Photoshop when I was younger. I always wanted to know more about this field since I personally think I’m quite IT savvy  so I choose to study Diploma in Information Technology in Singapore Polytechnic.

However, life as a IT student isn’t as simple as I thought. I’ve to learn programming languages like Java, ASP.Net and etc. I kinda flunked my Java module during my first semester because I was having difficulties understanding the algorithms.  But as I moved on to the second semester, Visual Basic is much simpler to understand and I started to do relatively OK for all my semesters except the last one since I’ve difficulty understanding the computer security modules once again.   As such, my cumulative GPA was dragged down. I could have gotten a better GPA if I could understand those technical modules better. Even for my FYP (Final Year Project), while my group mates are doing the programming aspect, I’m in charge of the design aspect since they thought that I’m better in design.   I realized gradually that I’ve been doing better for all those arts modules than those technical modules even if I don’t study really hard, with the exclusion of communication module since I got the worst grade in class.  No idea how I manage to do so badly for the module. I could have done better.  So I thought it’s perhaps better for me to pursue what I’m better at than to waste time on something I’ll never understand in my life time.

Secondly, it’s the job environment. I was attached to the IT department in Resorts World Sentosa for my internship. Being attached to there for my internship was really an eye opener for me to understand what’s the working world like.  As an intern, I was helping them out doing the miscellaneous stuffs. For example, whenever they are launching a new version of the system, I’ve to help them to verify if the system is what they are expecting by testing out different scenarios. The place where I sat in the office is so prominent because it’s along the walkway to the other tables in the entire floor.  All I did there during my 4 months of my internship is to do all sorts of testing on the computer, facing the computer 24/7.  The full-time staff there do have to go to meetings in the casino at times, but that’s not the main thing of their job though. Although I’m generally OK with the job, but this isn’t something that I would like to do for long-term in the future. I don’t like being restricted in my little corner since I love interacting with people, so obviously I must choose to study a different path since all IT jobs are kinda desk-bound.

Having the passion in your job is critical as this is probably what we’ll be doing until retirement. Many people may argue that hospitality jobs tend to have long hours and are low-paying jobs compared to those 9-5 jobs.  I’ve high hopes on the Hospitality and Tourism industry as I think that’s it’s a very profitable industry. The way I think may seem naive but  pesonally I love to travel, so I think having an job in this industry will able to fulfill my dream of yearning to work in South Korea.

In order to work towards my dream :

I need to gain a certain proficiency level in Korean.

I need to get my degree with merit (hopefully)

I need to gain work experience.

I may be fangirling at the moment but I knew this is not how I want my life to be forever.  

But before I start dreaming about all these, there are problems presently that I need to resolve :

I need to fasten up my pace for learning Korean.

I need to finish up my matriculation, including the health checkup which I haven’t did.

I need to do well for my degree before I can continue daydreaming.

I must always be tactful about what I said.

I want to have a better physical appearance.

I want to meet someone that I can depend on for the rest of my life.

For the present & future :

  • I must always be mindful of what’s my goal and work towards it every day.
  • I must always remember how my idols work hard for their studies despite their busy life and aspire to be as successful in life too.
  • I cannot give up even if I faced adversities, and in fact I must learn from it.

 May my dream come true one day.


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