[Fanaccount] 120719 Video Conference with Kwon

I will just talk about what happened during the video conference for Singaporeans fans.

The video conference began once everyone was ready.

We were all screaming when we saw him who was wearing a red/white stripes top.  He appeared on screen while wearing “I’m Da One” glasses and the mask.

The media had 20 mins and the fans had 10 mins.

There was a couple of questions asked by the media like “Who he will like to work with”.

I remembered his answer was Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa for Korean celebrities and Lady GaGa for international celebrity.

And of course there’s the question about his high heels.. “Painful or not and etc” But  I wasn’t listening attentively and busy snapping photos and admiring his face.  He said that the 20 cm high heels is call “Nightwalker” and was brought back by Bang Shihyuk PD-nim from New York.

And there’s a random question asking him which animal he resembles and when does he thinks he’s an animal (wild)..

He said his neck is long so people said he look like a deer and I remember chipmunk was mentioned ^^

Another question asked was to describe the suitable music style of each 2AM member?

For him, he say it’s upbeat songs.

Jinwoon – Rock (of course)

Changmin – Trot (I was laughing when I heard this)

Seulong – Ballad..

And so while he was being interviewed by the media, I guess he got bored. He started making aegyo expressions on the screen and I was squealing.

WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO BAD I DIDN’ TOOK VIDEO. My friend will upload soon don’t worry.

Anyway I stop filming when it’s fans’ time.

I asked the first question. “Since you told a HK fan that 2AM will be going there soon, will 2AM be coming to Singapore too”..

Then he tell me “No..”  Sigh. I was disappointed, likewise i think the rest too though I didn’t talk to them. I think Singapore wasn’t in their planning ><

After that my friend said “Saranghaeyo” then he replied “Nadu” and all of us started screaming~

Most daebak part is when YL asked him when he’s going to MARRY Ga-in ^^

I looked at his facial expression. He was stumbled  and gave a “What is this question” expression.

Again I was laughing when the translator was translating to Kwon.

But he still replied “말도 안돼” (Impossible) when i obviously saw him laughing.

I don’t believe in everything after all the FAs in Beijing xD

After that I realized that no one was asking him questions.

So I asked him what he will be doing after his fansigns end this week

(But actually I already knew the answer that 2AM will be busy with their Japanese single, JYPN Concerts and Asia Tour) like what he replied to my question.

And then Nur asked him to sing  “Just A Kiss”.. At first he was a bit unwilling but then he opened the “Animal” album and started singing the chorus for “Just A Kiss”… Lol why do you have to look at the lyrics xD  Anyway.. I feel very fortunate to be able to hear “Just A Kiss” live exclusively. When he sang finish, I shouted “OPPA JJANG!”.

And so.. I asked him again if he’s coming to Singapore..But he said no and said other things but I forgot but  with a super cute aegyo crying!!! WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE!! I CAN’T RESIST!!!

To conclude, one of us said that we’ll always support him and love him and hope he’ll come here T_T

The end.

Overall it was a unforgettable experience though I was disappointed that 2AM didn’t plan to come to Singapore. Does that mean I’ve to fly to Hong Kong or Taiwan? T_T


After everything ended, I was called by the xinmsn person to film a video for them, along with YL and Valerie.

Then we talked about our thoughts winning this contest etc.

You will see us on xinmsn  website soon I guess  T_T

In conclusion, I wonder why the fans behind me didn’t want to ask questions. Perhaps it’s because the media asked all the questions and they didn’t knew what to ask. But if you’re really a big fan, I don’t think you have nothing to say to your oppas. At least saying a “I love you”,  “I always support you” is better than nothing. This is a rare chance. There’s many IAMs wanting to come to this event but they couldn’t make it because of school or work. Sigh. I’m glad that I called Nasha along with me today. I’m sure she enjoyed it ^^

Thank you for reading ^^


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