What was my disappointment about.


Most of the tweets from IAMs are happy for me, but deep inside me… I’m depressed not because Kwon didn’t answered to my questions but….

My biggest regret as an IAM has always been being unable to watch a 2AM solo concert. I got the answer directly from him that there won’t be a concert here, which means I’ve to fly to other parts of Asia if I want to watch their concert. I know he’s apologetic about it as this is not something within his control and perhaps it’s Big Hit’s planning or there isn’t a strong demand in Singapore (because ballads ain’t the mainstream here and everywhere in the world) or that the locations here are too expensive. Money and time is a problem for me because I’m not even working part time and I would have started school during that period. I don’t mind travelling for just 2 days 1 night flying back and forth and heading back to school the next day.

The problem was I already headed to Seoul in April after pleading my mum that I really wanted to but she only agreed to let me go because I’ve completed my diploma. And after looking at the stuff I bought (because she thinks that I spent like a spendthrift there), she said she won’t allow me to go to S.K. And since I couldn’t go to S.K unless I start to work and earn my own money, the only way is to wait for a concert in Singapore but it will not happen in the near future. I don’t know what sort of reaction will she give me if I tell her I want to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan just for the concert. Saying that I want go to the concert is easy, but all these reasons is making me stressful.

So far the confirmed countries are Hong Kong and Taiwan from reliable sources. I’m sure there’ll be more countries in the list but not yet revealed. Now, the only thing I can hope is there’s Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia in the list so that I could at least… head there to watch the concert at a lesser cost.

Disclaimer : This is just my personal opinion.


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