GMarket Haul

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I bought anything from GMarket.

This time round I decided to make a purchase as I wanted to order the 2AM’s 2013 Calendar along with other items.

Yeah I’m much of a Kpop fan, so I usually buy my albums or other Kpop purchases from Gmarket.

I made the order along with the calendars, a 2013 Diary planner and a HOMME single on 19 Nov.

The rest of the items arrived at Gmarket quickly except for 2AM’s Calendar which was only released in Korea on 14 Dec.

So basically I waited for nearly a month for my delivery!

Nevertheless! I received my order on the 16 Dec! Fast Delivery from GMarket!

Thanks you so much.

Alright! Time to unravel the box!

Look who sent me the box!! Hehe ^^

So as usual, the items that i ordered were nicely wrapped with bubble wrap like this and placed into a big  box 😀

Here’s item no 1 : Homme’s Man Should Laugh single. It was released in Korea in 2011. I didn’t bought the single back then so I have been thinking of purchasing the item since I wanted to collect all the singles and album that 2AM have released  (including all members). It’s really hard to find the copy now as there were only 5000 copies released for the single. Great that I found one through Gmarket Synnara shop.

Here’s item no 2 : Ceci December 2012 Issue!

It’s really a great purchase for me! Ga-in graces the cover for Ceci December 2012 issue. I’m really a big fan of her! Isn’t she pretty? ^^ She’s so sexy, and do note that I’m a female. Haha..  In addition, there’s a pictorial of Wooyoung and Jo Kwon, JJ Project and Wonder Girls’ Hyelim~ Ah great. I love JYP Nation so much! 😀

The 3rd item that I got was a 2013 Diary Planner in mint green. It’s going to be 2013 soon, so it’s time to buy a diary planner! I always know that Gmarket always have very adorable stationaries. and I really love to own one. So I choose this over many colours and design.

Yeah I also bought the cute stickers. The text are in Korean but it’s ok for me since I understand the language.

So here’s the inside of the diary planner. Neat and colourful! Shall use it wisely throughout 2013! 😀

Alright at last! I want to talk about 2AM 2013 Calender!

Ah I really love this year’s packaging! There’s also a DVD of the BTS included..  There were many closeups and I love especially the part whereby Jinwoon was playing the guitar ^^ One of my complaints for this calendar is that there’s no Jinkwon (Jinwoon + Jo Kwon) because they are my favourite pairing in 2AM (besides the babo duo Seulong and Jinwoon haha)

I shall let the pictures do the talking~ Please enjoy some of the pictures taken! 

Ending off with some of my favourite photos of Kwon! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel great to be able to see 2AM on the calendar for another 365 days 😀

Overall, this has been a great purchase. I’m really tempted to make another order in December with all the shipping discount for fashion and etc going on in G Market!  Yep, aside from Kpop, there’s just so many things I can buy in Gmarket. Food! Apparels! Stationeries1  I love shopping in Gmarket!


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